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  • Phoenix Educational Article of the Month - Is it safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands?

Is it safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands?

Is it safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands?

This one question has been asked by many Phoenix home owners. Some even have done this before because they have no time to think of any other way to make the Arizona raccoon leave the house. While most common people think it is safe to handle wildlife with bare hands, they are not aware that these animals can carry virus and diseases like rabies. Raccoons are wildlife animals that may be jittery when they smell humans near. Picking them up with bare hands can cause harmful effects for your health and even can cause them to run and attack you.

Raccoons can be very dangerous even for adults. It is necessary to call a professional Phoenix animal removal service so you can have an expert to handle the case. The concern is that professionals use safety kit when capturing raccoon. One simple thing is the gloves and the tool they use. When picking up a baby Arizona raccoon for instance, it is inappropriate to use bare hands. You can use empty box and throw it on top of the animal. Or use sheet to cover it. Once it is covered with sheet, you can tie and carry them away from your Phoenix house.

When you handle with bare hands, there is a chance that you will get bitten. Hence, when you only have your hands as tools, you will never be able to proceed with caution. Animal moves are unpredictable and they can attack anytime whenever they feel you harm them. Trapping a Phoenix raccoon may not be suitable when done by a home owner who doesn’t have an expertise. A raccoon can get jittery when they are around traps so they tend to use their bare hands to force raccoon to get in. However, this approach can cause the raccoons to bite and scratch whatever they can.

The concern about rabies
Do not pick up a Phoenix raccoon with bare hands because they can carry rabies. It must be done with an extreme caution and protective tools starting from simple leather gloves or traps. When a person has been scratched by a raccoon, they need to do medical check to see if it carries virus. You should contact your health consultant to be tested for rabies. There are many ways that you can catch an Arizona raccoon or keep them away from your house. The varied approaches are better than handling it with your bare hands because these methods can reduce risk of getting infected by rabies. What’s more, traps and cages are available for purchase. Simply place a bait and wait for the raccoon to enter.

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